During this second year, the student pursues a special line of the audiovisual production. After a semi-polyvalence in Documentary, the students get deep into their specific subject
Each department is constituted by a head and a coordinator. The academic direction together with each head of department and their respective coordinators set a yearly syllabus, select and contact teachers.
All the knowledge acquired during the specialization stage is tested during the third year of studies which is devoted to the thesis. Students from all specialties are involved. In the case of the specialty of Scriptwriting, thesis exercises consist of the writing of a screenplay for a feature length film.

  • Directing Department
    The idea of the complete director that we aspire to shape is implied in the general concept of the first year in EICTV, during which the students acquire knowledge in all audiovisual areas, in accordance with present-day definitions of a director, capable of working on television, video or digital cinema.
  • Documentary Department
    The Documentary Department of the EICTV has as its primary objective the formation and graduation of documentary filmmakers with a comprehensive mastery of the technical skills, esthetic language, ethical
    responsibilities and socio-political importance of documentaries in global culture.
  • Editing Department
    The theoretical and practical formation of the students in film and television editing, includes workshops on film editing history, narrative and structure, non linear editing practices of short films, sound and music editing, television editing formats, as well as feature and documentary structure, non-linear feature editing and sound design, among others, with professionals that also have ample knowledge of modern electronic cinematography (including film, video and television).
  • Production Department
    The Department of Production focuses its program on the formation of creative producers, considering his/her profession as the heart of every audiovisual creation. During the process, the students develop creative and managing skills, for a best performance in their professional life.
  • Sound Department
    The Sound Department emerged in a natural way when the "School of the eye and the ear" was created, giving sound its deserved value in the audiovisual creation.
  • Scriptwriting Department
    The Scriptwriting Department sees the scriptwriter as one of the main creators of an audiovisual project. A scriptwriter must learn the dramatic and narrative principles, not marrying to hegemonic models, but with a natural and organic connection to the realities from which they surge.
  • Cinematography Department
    The main purpose of EICTV's Cinematography Department is to graduate photographers with sensibility and ample technical knowledge, who can tell a story with a camera in hand.